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    Unlike most people who just complain, let me start by saying I think the game is fun. It would be more fun if I could simply play it on my built desktop without it crashing within seconds. I have a Intel 9900X overclocked at 4.8ghz, RTX 3090 FE (stock settings), 32gb ram, 512gb SSD. Upon opening the game, the farthest I can make it is menu settings before a complete freeze. Not a black screen, but the screen / audio freezes, and requires a hard restart. I get windows code 6008 in event viewer, which pretty much hints at hardware overheating. The PC is liquid cooled, I always monitor my temps, and neither exceeds 70C, so it’s not my hardware. This game is triggering something. Any ideas?

    Otherwise, I play on my Razer Laptop with a 10875h and RTX 5000 quadro. Plays beautifully at 4k, 35-50 fps, and never, ever crashes. My GPU never exceeds 67c, and I have 0 issues. It just blows my mind how such a large company could program a game and still release it in such a shaky state. Was it not tested on RTX 3090s? The current top tier GPU? Did they just say f- it and release it? I never had an issue with any other game. Even Cyberpunk was a smoother experience. And on a final note, despite it playing fine on my Razer laptop, the FPS is still lower than it should be given the graphics. The game is simple optimized like a paper condom. Stop beating around the bush, Amazon!

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