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    So, I’ve just done Amrine for the first time.
    Let’s start by saying that I’m playing lots of MMOs in my live. From SWG (when it was cool) to FFXIV, going through RO, obviously WoW (since the closed beta), etc. If you know it I’ve probably have put some hours on it.

    This. Was. Awful.

    It was chaotic, there was a big pull and I could see some guy just minning… in the mid of the big pull.

    It’s a mystery to me how me managed to do it at all.

    The rest of the game? I honestly haven’t tried the PvP yet, I’m not a fan of it. The rest? Massive grinding for crafting.
    Cooking? Guild Wars 2 did it better, waaaay better.
    Crafting in general? Why everything needs Iron? And why are nodes for everyone?
    There are no vendors, I suppose you want to promote player trading, is a fuck up imho, sometimes you just want to throw away some stuff.

    Storage? I admit Ilke it so far, better than FFXIV to be honest, but not better than other games I’ve played (RO and SWG come to mind).

    Visually the game is striking and I have to say there are not much bugs, so kudos for that I guess.

    But dungeons are a fkng mess… I will play a bit more and see if it improves with other groups but I believe that will be a problem for new players in the months to come, no one around will be willing to do low level dungeons, and finding a party is kind of difficult… especially when people needs to be NEAR the entrance to start it.

    I’m having fun? Not really.
    Do I have any interest in the story? Not at all. I find stupid the fact that there are demonic invasions but noooo! Three different factions need to fight each other.

    And don’t get me started with the whole “only the controlling guild can improve and donate to a city so they can improve the crafting stations”. Way to mess with small guilds here mates.

    Anyway, I’d give it a 4/10 being gracious. If this wasn’t a gift I would be asking for a refund.

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