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    Hello everyone.
    I just bought the game yesterday, i’m at the very start since i didn’t had much time to play, i do have some questions if anyone here is kind enough to give me some light.
    I was hesitating to buy New World much because of the GPU issue with people reporting graphics cards to simply crash and burn while playing this game.
    I have tried to look around but i can’t find a definitive answer to this, if i cap my gpu’s framerate to 60 fps should i still be concerned about the possibility of my gpu dying? I ill link a screenshot from a tweet in which i tried to get more information about the issue, JayzTwoCents talked about this, the last person to rely to the tweet mentions that capping the fps doesn’t fix or helps preventing gpu’s dying…this is a big issue if true.

    About the game itself, i haven’t watched any streams, i know that many people are playing New World and the game has a lot of hype but this issue may result in people that obviously are not willing to risk their gpu’s and go for a refund.

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