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    I wasnt aware there was a memo to be missed.

    Lets use theirs then.

    2.5 Restrictions. You may use the Games only as permitted by this Agreement and applicable law. You may not, and you will not assist or authorize any other person to: … (iv) interfere with or circumvent any feature of the Games, … otherwise exploit the Games (including by intercepting, collecting, scraping, mining, or reading data from the Games, or using applications or services such as hacks, bots, cheats, scripts, or mods that are not expressly permitted by us in an applicable policy posted on our websites).

    They dont have to. TOS states, as long they don’t say otherwise it is not allowed. So in conclusion its not allowed.

    And you can start arguing about how they wont be able to detect it. Until they just include overwolf as a whole to disallowed apps.

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