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    This is the conversation with amazon staff. They try to help but i think it wont be solve.

    You are now connected to Anthony from Amazon.com.

    Me [23:01:21] : Issue: New World – Technical: Something Else

    Me [23:01:32] : hello

    Anthony [23:01:35] : Hello , my name is Anthony , thanks for contact Amazon Games.

    Anthony [23:01:37] : How may i help you today?

    Me [23:02:15] : well i spoke with you yesterday about my character problem

    Me [23:02:33] : and said by amazon it will be solved in 24 hours

    Me [23:02:45] : now even after patch i had still have same problem

    Me [23:02:51] : i cannot play game

    Me [23:04:04] : Can you check my last conversation with your team yesterday?

    Anthony [23:04:23] : Let me check, one moment.

    Me [23:13:34] : so? you there?

    Anthony [23:14:30] : Yes, i’m still working on it! :slight_smile:

    Me [23:15:42] : i should say im really frustrated,pissed off and bored about this situation this is 5. day that i cannot play game

    Me [23:18:40] : if dev team uncapable or desperate to solve this problem so please tell me so i can uninstall game from my pc and maybe i can stop wasting my time.

    Anthony [23:20:08] : Just a moment, i’m still working on this.

    Anthony [23:30:29] : I’m going to submit a ticket about this issue because i was looking for information about the ticket form the previous agent but i don’t see anything about it, so i will do it from my end and i’m going to follow the situation.

    Me [23:31:07] : how ?

    Me [23:31:20] : just talked a guy yesterday from your team?

    Me [23:31:57] : and he said me it will be solved in 24 hour and you will got an e-mail about it

    Anthony [23:34:13] : I really understand and i’m sorry for the inconvenience but now i will do the ticket and the follow up.

    Me [23:38:38] : i understand its not your fault ofc. But it seems amazon has no any qualification or staff to fix bugs and exploids in game. Seems no hope that you can help me too. I just give up.

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