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    I’m new to this genre of games and have wanted to throw myself in. Pre-downloaded so could launch on day one. Started playing soon after launch and picked a quiet world, great. Played for a little bit (half an hour ish) then servers went down for maintenance, okay then. Get back on after a short queue, play for a couple of hours. Go back on in the evening and face large queues.

    I’ve then spent the next days trying to play, facing queues in the 1000’s, to get disconnected from queues and having to re-join further back. When I have been getting in, I have started crashing, meaning back to the end of the queue.

    I now have 32 hours of game time, but no more than 12 hours actually in game. This is atrocious from one of the biggest companies in the world. And now what do I do? Do I start a second character, with the worry that this might happen to this one too.

    I spent about 3 hours at least in a queue today, to play for about 20 mins and crash, to be put at the back on a 1200 place queue. I am furious now. Like so annoyed. And the worst thing is that I’m pretty sure I am not an isolated case.

    I get that this is Amazon’s first big game, but this field isn’t exactly new to you. I believe other games have been using Amazon’s servers, so you should be aware of how to handle this. Telling me there are other worlds that are less busy is of no absolution to me, when my character isn’t on another world. I also understand that you will be working hard to fix this, but you knew the pre-orders and you had betas to get ready for this. You delayed to make sure it was ready, but this doesn’t seem ready for a full player base.

    These first few days can be make or break for a new game. Playing queue simulator isn’t something I wanted to do. Please can you keep the community updated, let us know what you are doing to fix these issues, how long will it take, why has it gotten into such a bad state, how you plan on compensating the players affected, and anything else that would help us understand what is going on.

    Thank you for your time, so far from what I have played, this has a lot of potential, there is so much to like about this game. But issues like these can make peoples opinions change very quickly.

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