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    Pretty much. The reply is basically ‘I can do whatever I want if I’m more powerful than you’.
    And the mindset of those people is to never pick a fair fight, because they might lose.

    They are the ones to kill al level 3 over and over again for a few hours, and if the level 3 reports them, they just go ‘Bwuh? This is what PvP is! The noob has to git gud!’
    While purposefully ignoring the fact that a player can improve if they’re being nuked non-stop.

    I actually have a fun PvP-themed story, from my WoW days:
    The Day I Got An Entire Guild Banned

    I Believe it was around Cata, when I had returned to WoW because my friends would not shut up. Things had changed since Burning Crusade or Frozen Throne; I forget when I quit… My friends, like always, Rolled PvP Servers only.
    I’m sitting in X-Roads as a Hoardie Hunter. Unknown to me (I ignore Barrens Chat, like everyone smart) a max level Alliance Rogue was ganking people. Mostly newbies.
    How? Well, he had a friend roll a Hoardie and die to him in X-Roads. Newby Priests saw a dead Hoardie, and would revive him. This would flag them PvP. Then the Alliance troll would kill them.

    Well, I’m in X-Roads. I decide to drop a Frost Trap just to see what it looks like; how the skill works, cooldown, etc.
    The stealthed Alliance Rogue stepped in it, and the planets and stars aligned, and Cthulhu gave the Rogue a middle-finger; IT FROZE HIM.
    There had been a Hoard gank squad trying to find him for the past hour, to stop his trolling. Needless to say, a frozen target was “THAT GUY! SWARM! SWARM!”
    And he was NUKED in the space of 5 seconds. I’m still trying to process what happened as he drops…

    Well, my story missions take me south, to 1k Needles, which was Contested. On a PvP server. Meaning I auto-flag.
    The Rogue’s entire guild was waiting for me for payback.

    They killed me, camped my corpse, camped every Spirit Healer, and kept the Horde Flight Master dead.
    I spent 6 hours being either dead, or trying to rez & run, to no effect. I also had a trouble ticket open the entire time.
    Because this was not PvP; it was fucking GREIFING.
    I had 0 ways to fight back or escape.
    6 hours of this.

    Finally, a GM gets back to me with the simple words ‘It will be taken care of.’
    I think it was a day or two later; I’m on the WoW forums, and people are asking where the guild went. Why no one could be contacted. What happened?

    The GM banned everyone in the guild, to a man.

    This story is a big reason of why I hate PvP. Most the time, it’s not epic battles against matched fighters (Though the real PvPers want this. No harm in that.)
    Most the time, it’s the Toxic PvPers; The PKers, just cruising to ruin the game for everyone they can by stomping people who can’t ever fight back.

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