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    In large groups of people, you will always find those that you perceive as “toxic”, its a foible of the human condition to a point. However, offense is rarely intended.

    I think in response to this specific one, if I wanted to be critical the OP is almost threatening players with the “people will leave” statement, as if the other players should be overly concerned by this completely random prediction of the future, which from appearances here, few other players agree with (yes, of course I’m aware of the very small cohort of live players that will actually see this).
    Personally, I’d read a long time ago that mounts would not be in the game so I’m comfortable to pay for the game and play it, without mounts (same as SWG, way back in the day, without mounts). The people that are threatening/screaming that they want mounts “or else” should be careful not to let the door hit them on their way out. Thats not to say “GET OUT OF MA GAME”, thats to say if you as an individual don’t like any aspect of the game, no one is forcing anyone to play.

    Also, your English is fantastic…if you hadn’t said anything I would have assumed it was your first language.

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