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    I’ve never understood the streamer hate.
    I mean, I get not liking watching streamers; fine. I don’t watch drama movies. But I don’t froth at the mouth and scream that the actors are filthy slime who don’t deserve to get paid.

    So someone makes a living playing video games. So what? Are people jealous they can’t?

    The one dude up above basically hate-splooges all over this thread about how Asmongold’s players players got the game changed.
    But they even say

    Yet…Is he supposed to be responsible for 40,000 people? People he can in no way control? People who can live everywhere on this planet? People who can make decisions for themselves?

    I GET not watching to watch youtubers or twitch streamers. I DO NOT GET the hate boners some people have.
    Look at ANY game launch; there’s people going “JGHFDLDGFDHJKGF That twitch streamer got a free copy of the game! WHY!? I deserve a free copy! I don’t DO anything, but why does a person who entertains others get a copy!?”

    They acts like youtubers don’t need to learn comedic timing, video editing, and the art of fucking TALKING.
    Sure, it sounds easy to play a game and talk. But it’s DAMN hard to play a game well, talk WELL, and be entertaining. All at the same time.

    I’ve tried it; I’m almost a snore-fest when I stream because I get so nervous I go monotone, and I CAN NOT record offline gameplay because I never know what to say, so there’s tons of dead air.

    So again; I get not watching youtubers and streamers. But I’ll never understand the rock-hard rage-boners some people have for those content creators.
    They act like these people are the scum of the earth for expending time and effort to entertain others. HOW DARE THEY entertain people!

    And yes; some streamers weaponize their followers. They ARE responsible if they tell their followers to do something.
    But NO ONE can be held responsible for what another person does independently.

    If Asmongold tells his viewers to punch a random stranger in the face; he’s responsible when someone does.
    But, if

    And one of his fans randomly assaults someone; how is that Asmongold’s fault?

    So, again; I don’t get the raging hate-boners some people have for content creators. They act like twitch streamers shot their dog whenever someone gets an advance copy of a game.

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