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    Scaling is a double edged coin. And yes I said that wrong on purpose.

    On one hand, without scaling, turning pvp on will often feel pointless for little level 10 Tiny Tim, when level 50 Big George comes by and nukes him. On the other hand, with scaling (lets say hypothetically perfect equalization), all the time and effort George put into leveling and gearing up becomes pointless. It doesn’t just feel pointless to George, it is objectively pointless, and that could make pvp feel about as bad for George as it would for Tiny Tim without the scaling.

    Some people care more about Tiny Tim’s experience and want hella scaling. Some people care more about George’s experience and want no scaling.
    The only option that seems to be any good is to actually have both: instanced pvp environments that equalize everyone that participates and either no or a low amount of scaling in open world pvp, maintaining rpg style gear and level advantages. Give both options their place to function.

    Why does the scaling setup go to the instanced event and the less/no scaling option go to open world? Simple. Because the instanced event is a fully pvp activity, and can be treated as such, whereas pvp in the open world is not a fully pvp activity, because in the open world other players are in fact part of the “E” in pve. PvP in the regular open world is really PvE, and just like the world contains monsters too strong for you it contains players too strong for you. This is not specific to New World; red phantom invaders in Dark Souls, other players in Sea of Thieves, etc., all players controlling what is actually PvE.

    Also some people keep saying things like “you just want to one shot new players” to those arguing in favor of no or low scaling. This is an oversimplifaction at best, and just outright wrong at worst. For my part, I want the rpg part of the game, the leveling and gearing, to truly matter, which means mattering in PvP, instead of only in PvE. And remember, the other players are actually PvE anyway.
    Secondly, it comes on both sides. See, when I walk out of town on my level 10 character, when I am Tiny Tim, I want to be one shot by level 50 Big George. I want to find myself in fights I cannot win because the enemy is someone who has devoted more time and resources into gaining power over me, akin to the high level monster I’m not ready for. I want to be helpless when dealing with an enemy that is far enough above me that I should seem helpless in comparison to them, not feel unjustly buffed when their efforts are undone to equalize us.

    Finally we get to the reason why I chose to comment specifically in the thread with “scaling is bad” in the title: a concern I have due to games in the past.
    I have played games before that chose to do the whole scaling thing, but did it poorly, or overdid it if you prefer, to the point that low level characters actually had an advantage over high level characters. I’ve even known games to be in a state where to take pvp seriously, you had to make a new character over and over to stay a low enough level for scaling not to work against you. And that has got to be the worst feeling PvP I have ever experienced. New World is not presently like that, insofar as I’ve noticed, and I’ve not heard anyone claim it was like that in either beta, but it is something that has happened in games before so I feel it’s important to acknowledge the potential of it occuring, to ensure it doesnt.

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