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    A review is based on an experience, if your experience is a 6-10 hour wait which could have easily been avoided, then yes it’s understandable that you would give a negative review.

    They started adding extra servers at about 3-4pm on day 1, which means they had the capability of extra servers from the get go, again they had the figures for how many players they were expecting, this is a case of they completely dropped the ball.

    Another thing is being launching in the EU first instead of the USA. Your main office and most of you experienced staff are in America, you choose to launch your flagship title in europe at 7am. This means you’re only going to have a few support team members maybe a network dev and a couple extra dev awake at this time.

    The reason this launch is so disappointing is because of stupid decisions made by the company, these haven’t been things out of their control.

    The issue on Alastor earlier this evening, were we all got yeeted from the server for about and hour. That’s the type of stuff you expect from a new game, it’s something not worth complaining about as it was likely a bug no one could have possibly seen coming until you have the server at the capacity we had. Those are the type of issues you expect from a new mmo.

    The company should have ensured there was ample servers to match known player data, they also should have implemented a cap on character creation preventing users from going over the server cap. This was their design choice, it was something that should have been discussed for the pros and cons, so to reiterate my previous comment, the company were either grossly incompetent or didn’t care.

    I don’t want to lump the blame on the Dev team as honestly one of them probably brought this up, likely someone from the QA or Support teams, which largerly get ignored by higher ups in the games industry.

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