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    Everyone wants fair prices in the trading post, and everyone wants to do something with the resources they collect. But these things take time and they’re not the most fun things you could be doing when your friends are online. There’s so much time in a day, but the amount of time available at the computer playing New World, for the majority of players, is less then half of that. Sometimes we need to poop. Sometimes, or ride the bus, or wait for our parents or partners to stop having a conversation at the grocery store, or sit in front of a work computer so it feels like we’re working. Sure, you could remote-desktop into your computer from your phone, but that’s hard to set up, hard to run, and you might die.

    But, what if you took out the parts of the game that are hard to run and you might die? What if we just isolated the parts of the game (probably half of the game) that is spent mostly interacting with menus in safe areas, and made it so that you could do THAT while pooping on the bus?

    Picture it: Your world. Your inventory. Your favorite settlement with its trading posts and its crafting stations, and the opportunity to give the settlement money directly, as if you don’t have to pay taxes anyway. The ability to prepare to go questing before you even get home. Finally, time to figure out how to cook all that other miscellaneous stuff, with ingredients you can buy at the store. Finally the opportunity to become the round-the-clock wall street alchemist potion broker you didn’t know you could be.

    Please do it, New World Devs. Make our dreams a reality. Available on iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire.

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