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  • If another faction win a settlement, what happens with crafting and refining tiers? They stay the same? They reset to 0? Reset to tiers previously achieved by that faction in that settlement?

  • Where does the tax money go? To company treasury?

  • How does the resources map work? It only shows some resources. How is it decided which resources are shown? For example I can’t see saltpeter there.

  • Question marks on the map mark the unvisited location. However, I notice that there are areas where I do not see any question marks and I haven’t visited that area at all, so there must be unexplored location. Do I need to come close to those and only then they show on the map and when I come even close they are revealed?

  • How can I know what type of enemy I will be fighting? For example, I get the quest to go to X and do Y and I want to prepare some potions for wpn coating or resistances, or even decide on the weapon damage type (since different enemy groups have different resistances) but how can I know whether I will be encountering Lost or Corrupted or Ancients?

  • What is the significance of armor score? I might have few thousands of armor score but how exactly does it influence battle? I will be taking less damage if I have high armor score? How much less?

  • Why did we get a gray color for water on the map? Anyone knows official reason?

  • Mayonnaise or catchup? (HINT: mayonnaise is the correct answer)

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