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    Dude, I literally couldn’t care less. I replied to you starting the “I’ve done more in this game than you ever will” bullshit. I don’t care if you hit 60 before me, congrats, you made a milestone in a video game before someone else on the internet.

    I replied because it’s just some idiot crying about something because they’re too lazy to play the game the way it was designed. It’s not hard to get azoth, I and many others in this thread have given many different ways of obtaining it as well as solutions for free TP’s using housing.

    Regarding the azoth cap there’s no need to raise it, there’s hundreds of thousands of people playing the game currently without and issue. It’s not hard to manage your azoth and never run out of it. What’s more intriguing is how this person is managing to run out of azoth at this point of the game when you get so much of it even from just following the main quest line. Maybe they don’t do the main quest line? Side quests? Do they never kill a single mob? They don’t harvest anything at all?

    You don’t need to farm corruption portals as it’s been stated many times already. It’s an MMO, if you want everything handed to you on a silver platter with zero effort then you’re playing the wrong style of game.

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