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    Ah here we go… People who rushed to level 60 are now starting to appear on the forums with their whining about ‘waaaah waaaaah nothing to do at level 60 waaaah waaaah waaah, so this game sucks waaah waaah, the design is bad waaah waaah’…

    Been waiting for these forum threads!

    If you rush to level 60 trying to get world first right after launch, yes, you’ll get bummed out due to a lack of content. It’s typical for any MMORPG.

    Sorry but i just can’t stand this type of whining…

    But you are bashing it! You’re complaining about stuff to do at max level.

    You and everyone else who might want to complain about that should’ve thought about that BEFORE you started the rush to level 60.

    I’ve played pretty much every MMORPG these past two decades myself, and this is a tiresome problem and one that i’m kind of fed up reading about. Players reach max level in x MMORPG shortly after release, then go on the forum to complain about a lack of content and stuff to do at max level.

    MMORPGs are designed to deliver content in cycles aka once every 3 or 4 months you get minor content updates. Once per year you get a major content update, and once every second year you get an expansion. That’s typically how it works for AAA MMORPGs.

    If you rushed to elvel 60 without even considering these facts, then you can only blame yourself for not slowing down to actually enjoy the game.

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