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    @EoLykos @Triddle

    I would like to ask, what games are you two coming from ?

    Just a general question.

    My other question is, how would a pvp only server, say 3 months down the line, accept new players onto the server.

    I saw that someone said if the server starts to die off later down the line merging is the option.

    That doesnt sound very sustainable. If i need to find the quite tbh, but im lazy.

    Full loot would be fun for the high lvls and high geared, but the lower people, who have spent all day getting their items to a min point, and then to loose it to someone who way out lvls them, wheres the fun ?

    but if you want fighting, what is wrong with forced pvp end game ZONES. could still have pve parts in it, but it forces the pvp on in those zones, least then, you get your battles, people get risk vs rewards ( say if only certain materials are gathererable in those zones, or certain loot is obtainable at a end game in the force pvp zones), but the pve or the people like myself, who enjoy a mix, depending on my mood, i lean more towards pvp, but sometimes i just dont feel like doing it, having to make us choose between forced pvp everywhere or no pvp anywhere is a bit of a game breaker.

    I.e. i wouldn’t play the game if i had to make that choice.

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