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    I think the story is: mystical island somewhere exists outside of time and people from various cultures throughout time (and space??) end up shipwrecked there.

    They’re clearly figuring out what the hell they’re doing but the game is pretty awesome so far, for what it is.

    And the story gives it potential to grow easily. I think the game strikes a very nice balance between taking itself seriously and just cutting the shit and being transparent about it’s game mechanics.

    I have no idea how intentional that is … but I do not that whenever a game has water but you can’t swim and it’s not explained … it’s not a great sign. Most games that do take that route, at least usually handle it somehow with at least something like a splash screen like “Oops! You drowned!” … whereas sinking to the bottom and clunking along while you slowly die is pretty sad.

    I play For Honor, so I know what it’s like to see a game not fail, but not really succeed.

    The Gaming Market is definitely on the back-end of some kind of bubble bursting … it depends on two main things at this point: (1) money, and (2) talent.

    If they have enough monkeys that care, bashing their heads against the issues, and they have enough $$$ to keep morale up and keep people working … it could be a really great game and the story could be a platform for them to pivot from towards content and adjustments that need to be made.

    Or it could all be squandered and nothing comes of it.

    If Amazon know what they’re doing, then I think there’s nothing to worry about.

    The odds are against them though, for sure.

    I also played GW2 … another game that had a lot of potential but just couldn’t quite seem to get it together.

    NW feels different though, I will say that.

    And I can’t emphasize enough how much I think the story could be a very smart move though. It could give them enough to play with to allow them to work with even janky solutions and still end up with a relatively polished game.

    So far it’s fun for me, but I’m completely new to the game.

    But if we got something like, say, the ability to at least struggle in the water with a drowning animation like Valheim … I’d start to become more of a believer.

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