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    My server is Morrow.

    Because I can fucking pronounce it without doing a search on Youtube, but if I had to I definitely wouldn’t have to look up how to spell it either.

    I signed in at 1:30pm.

    It’s past 7pm.

    I’m number 180-something in queue. Will probably play in the next 1-2hrs. That’s a 9 hour queue time.

    I’d gladly play on the subductisupercilicarptor server with the rest of you bourgeois mother ****ers if I could just transfer my character.

    This isn’t about diversity, nor is it about literature. At the end of the day, you can’t tell your dumb-ass homies “find me on subductisupercilicarptor”. Nobody is going to understand you.

    The longest word of classical Latin is the word subductisupercilicarptor [24 characters], meaning “a person who criticizes and raises his eyebrows upwards” – literally, this term was for extremely critical critic.
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