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    Yeah, i used to play MUDs on 56k modem before switching to Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN for those who don’t know what ISDN stands for lol). Been a game tester for many years. It’s amazing to see how technology and gaming in general has evolved since those days. Sadly though, these younger generations of entitled gamers don’t even know what an authenticating server is or how servers in general work… They don’t care, and never bother doing any research but demands answers to be handed to them.

    Back then we did our own research. Hell, that’s literally how most game developers started out back then, as self-taught programmers and scripters. Kids today expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter, place themselves on a mile high pedestal and set their expectations way too high.

    If i say ‘Oak’, you most likely know what i mean. These kids won’t have a clue unless they google it.

    I always dreamt about how the future of gaming would look like, and luckily a lot of it came true, but i keep getting surprised by a lot of newer games. Especially this game. Love the crafting, harvesting aspects and combat. The beautiful scenery and graphics is just a sweet bonus. It’s the features and mechanics that makes a game great after all, and this game has nailed it in that department.

    As far as innovative designs go, there’s only so much we can do, at least until VR becomes a common thing that everyone can afford. I’m still dreamin about VR gaming in the same veins as seen in Ready Player One and have been for years.

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