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    Doesn’t matter what you do for a living if you’re this clueless, buddy.

    You don’t even know what a game tester is, that’s how far your knowledge extends apparently… Which is why i’m having a hard time believing in a single word you say.

    Even more so when you try to tell everyone that GW2, Wild Star, BDO and FFXIV never had long queues or launch issues.

    If you had worked for a big company in the industry and had any clue of what you’re talking about, you’d know that queues can’t be predicted past pre-launch sales numbers… Pre-launch sales numbers is an indicator, but doesn’t represent the total number of lplayers during launch. Launch sales is the common culprit for MMORPG server issues, since they can’t be predicted. No company wants to set up more servers than the pre-launch sales numbers because they could end up losing a ton of money, and Amazon, like other companies, are not in the charity business, but rather in the business of making money, not wasting it. This is something you learn as a developer for any game really, and something you should be aware of if you’re working for a big company, as you claim you are.

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