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    This game doesn’t need to be a copy of other afk finder games. It’s great that we don’t have that system.

    Id say it’s good, not sure what is terrible I have 0 issues apart from UI of the Auction House

    True, roleplaying expansion pack with tons of interactions and intractable objects would fix this imho, guild houses also


    Also find that to be true

    If you open your equipment and hover your mouse over a buff/debuff, you can see that.

    It’s not the best…but not the worst also. Yea it reminds of quests made by some students, but the main focus “was” pvp.

    ??? I find it good, better than it was before for sure

    Well…I do find learning lore through collecting notes fine, but lore through quests? Well…not level of other good dames. More lore like Dark Souls Style would be good. I got a feeling that we are just getting pushed from objective to objective to get to max level and learn whatever they tell us.

    True. I guess this will change soon, we got bigger priorities

    As above

    100% true

    My gf actually saw me leaving the start zone, when you see the shattered mountain and she was like “oh, you playing Greedfall?”

    Imho game is a bunch of whatever they tried to accomplish and stitch it together to be alternatives to engaging PVP. Engaging PVP died with lack of stagger and stamina control, so we all now watch closely these other aspects and yes, they are shallow. Good news is…that they got a good base to build on now so future might be bright (if old PVP will be back and they won’t go more into “let’s do it for mass” approach) But certainly good post.

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