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    The economy just started… it is like cryptocurrencies atm with pricing. It is to early to determine how economy will look like in a few weeks. You are limited to 100 items in total at the trading post. So if you put every crap in there you will soon run out of space there to sell better stuff and start deleting older/not selling items for better stuff or needed stuff.

    ATM Gearitems and Weapons are useless to put into the trading if they are not above the average players tier. So only the very grindy guys get to sell to decent prices. Everything else is either not sold or super cheap sold.

    But since everyone is atm getting up gathering there is an overflow of Gathering items and refining components (due to everyone doing quests and looting loads of chests).

    After this first Gathering Phase the Refining Phase will start, where most players have capped gathering but are working on Refining and Crafting. Then prices for gathering stuff will increase.

    As soon as everyone is working on their crafting only prices will start to settle for their long term value.

    Keeping an eye out for those mechanics can let you get stuff for crafting at very low prices and let you max your refining / crafting before maxing gathering. So you can easily start chopping trees without being in a rush, while already being able to refine wyrdwood.

    For example on my server, Starmetal Ores currently sell lower than Iron Ores as there are not so many people being able to refine them (only gathering). This makes it super easy to focus on getting iron and pushing smellting to next level.
    Same for Wyrdwood, there is tons of wyrdwood in the store for cheap as nearly no one is currently able to refine it. And so on…

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