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    Hey guys how we doing today? so i would like to go over each weapon best possible builds for each in 50v50 and their strengths and draw backs.
    sword and shield: S&S brings a decent defensive aspect to war being able to give your team within 2 meters a 30% damage reduction with defensive formation. tho not the best with damage it does bring with it some decent CC with shield bash. i recommend going down the full defender tree for PvP as it offers the best of both worlds in damage and CC for S&S

    Rapier: Rapier is a very agile and swift weapon with high mobility. however it doesnt over much in large scale pvp but is excellent in small skirmishes. you can use riposte to stun and mitigate damage while using skills like evade and fleche to dodge or get out of things like ice shower or gravwell. however with a lack of strong cleave or aoe damage it does get out DPSed by things. i recommend the grace tree with getting refreshing strike and engarde from the blood tree.

    Hatchet: Hatchet is king of survivability with skills like berserker and undying this makes you a tough target to get down and gives you great single target damage and mobility. using feral rush and raging turret can help you burst down squishy targets quickly while keeping you healthy due to berserk. i recommend going the full berserker tree as it it gives you great defense and offense abilities.

    Spear: spear has a weird play style as it tries to use range and close range mechanics. while sweep can be very useful it doesnt offer to much outside of it utility wise. i would recommend the zoner tree while ignoring javelin and taking skewer in the Impaler tree and focusing on trying to get the most out of sweep.

    Great axe: Great axe is the king of PVP anything you can think of it has survivability damage CC it has it all. Gravity well is currently the best ability in the game as the only way to escape it is to use a dash to escape. you then have great gap closers with reap or charge with strong AoE cleave options with whirlwind or maelstrom. you even have a great single target damage in execute. and with ultimate passives like bloodlust which increase movment speed for just looking at someone or maulers fury which you gain 3% more damage up to 30% more damage from just attacking. i recommend taking greed and charge from the reaper tree and taking maelstrom and gravity well as well as maulers fury.

    War hammer: War hammer is the king of CC with abilities like clearout and shockwave you cant go wrong. tho slow attacking the abilities of this weapon are excellent and the passives increase your damage based off of who you CC. i would recommend the full crowd crusher tree with epitome of bonk! and exhaustive attacks from the juggernaut tree

    Bow: Bow is currently the highest DPS weapon in the game and best part is its range. this weapon is also able to get headshots for extra damage with its basic attacks. tho its attacks take a small charge time that is manageable. you also can offer yourself great mobility with the ability evade shot. With great single target damage you also offer good AoE with poison shot , rain of arrows, splinter shot and piecing arrow.
    i recommend evasive shot and poison cloud from the skirmisher tree and piecing arrow and long range from the hunter tree. getting knee shot is useful as it can slow down attackers and by time for your team.

    Musket: Musket is the best single target range weapon out there. with abilities like powder burn and stopping power buffing your next shot to do burn targets and knock them back. then there is power shot and shooter stance which gives you large single target damage and all of this being enhanced if you land head shots. while traps can be useful as a defensive option they are slightly clunky and easy to dodge. I would recommend power shot, shooter stance and stopping power for the abilities while aiming for sniper in the sharpshooter tree to make headshots easier.

    Fire staff: Fire Staff offers amazing AoE options such as pillar of flame, meteor shower , fireball, and incinerate. Burn out offers great mobility as its dash is fully controllable but does have a channel time before you dash. Fireball is amazing in wars as you can lob it across the map and landing it deals serious damage while causing a burning tic to whoever stands in it. Pillar of flame is a great quick burst of damage while meteor shower offers consistent AoE damage to a area but locks you in place and ends if you stop channeling it. Fire staff basic attacks are also great for destroying siege weapons such as cannons and repeaters. I would recommend either pillar of flame or meteor shower (one or the other) fireball and burn out.

    Ice gauntlets: Ice gauntlets offer allot of utility to the battlefield from slows to AoE damage and survivability. ice storm offers decent size AoE slow and damage while ice shower offers a large slow but only right in front of you. you can then survive being dove with entombed which prevents damage to you , cleanses you of all debuffs , and greatly increase mana regen while inside. i would take ice shower and entombed on the builder tree with quick frost. then take critical rejuvenation and ice storm on the ice tempest side along with all the passives to try and get ultimate chill allowing you strong CC and decent damage.

    Life staff: Life staff is currently the only healing weapon in the game so it offers amazing heals obviously. having absolved and its two connecting passives mending touch and blissful touch mean your heals will have zero down time as now your basic attacks have AoE heals. taking sacred ground and orb of protection give you solid AoE healing and can buff your allies in battle. I recommend taking sacred ground, splash of light, and orb of protection to always have healing on your allies and give them buffs while taking all the passives in the healing tree to get divine blessing to amplify healing on weaker allies.

    I hope this was helpful for you guys and cant wait to hear you thoughts on these weapons.

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