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Hello Brave Gatewalkers!

In every RPG game there is a so-called health bar and your character’s health is crucial to keep playing. Today we will discuss the healing methods in Gatewalkers. But first, let’s take a look at health bars, as we have two of them: health and stamina.

The green bar indicates your health level, and the yellow bar indicates the stamina level. You also have a gray bar – that is your shield level. While fighting, you lose your shield first. If it drops to zero, you will start to lose your health points.

Stamina is a resource required for using skills. It regenerates automatically with time. You can also boost your stamina by eating some foods or using special objects. Sleeping also regenerates life and stamina bars.

Remember, that not only a fight can get you knocked down – also survival conditions affect your health! Hunger, frostbites or poisoning can cost you life no matter how many shield points you have. That’s why you should always keep in mind the survival aspect of the game and be prepared for every mission.

We have already explored food and drink you can use to buff your strength, so today we will focus on different objects. In the crafting menu you have a few things that can help you out. They include: Restoration Kit and Restoration Grenades (basic, regular and advanced), Warming Ointment that reduces frostbites, Chilling Ointment that removes burns, Antidote for venom or toxic fumes, Uncursing Powder for curses, Yarrow Powder for bleeding wounds, Muscle Regeneration Potion that removes muscle relaxation, and Comfrey Extract for crushed wounds.

Most of them are easy to make using ingredients that you can gather while traveling behind the Gate. When you have enough ingredients just craft the item and put it from your inventory to the quick slot in the main panel – this way you can use the item very fast.

When it comes to health kits and potions, Gatewalker smashes them to the ground. The healing cloud rises above the ground and anyone can benefit from its effect. Thanks to this, when playing in a team, you not only have more healing items at your disposal, but also if you forget to prepare a restoration kit, one of your companions can break theirs and everyone can use it.

And what happens when the number of health points drops to zero? Well, in that case, you have to go back to the Guild or to the Gate. If you go back to the Guild, the quest must be done all over again. However this way you will heal immediately. If you go back to the Gate, you can continue the game, but bearing in mind that the health bar is very low, you must use healing kit or potions, food or sleep to restore your health.

Regardless of your decision, every time your health drops to zero, you lose a percentage of your resources! The durability of the equipment you are wearing also decreases – that’s why you should remember about it and repair the armor as soon as possible.

That’s all for today! We hope you liked the article about healing in Gatewalkers. We are always happy to read your thoughts, so jump to our Discord server and let’s chat!

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